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Thursday, August 9, 2007


Have you ever heard of the game Bibleopoly before? I was looking at it today and thinking it would be a terrific game to play with my children!

We only have Monopoly Junior and the kids have enjoyed playing it, but Bibleopoly sounds so much better! In the description, I like how it says: win by helping your fellow players! There are not too many games out there that are like this!

If you have this game, please leave me a comment with any good or bad experiences you've had with it. Thanks so much!


ColoradoDreaming said...

I haven't tried it but my kids love the original version.

Thanks for the sweet post. Right now I wish I was in CO so badly b/c the Texas heat is making me nuts, and I am a born and bred Texan! I should be used to it right? NOPE, I hate it when it is in the 90's and 100's!

MJS4Him said...

I have not tried this. My youngest and I play board games all the time. None of them are Christian themed. I really need to look into some. I have thought of this one because we love the original one.

allhisblessings said...

We have Bible Pictionary and we really enjoy it! We also had Bible Bingo when the kids were younger and they loved playing it.

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