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Monday, July 2, 2007

Family Games/Activities!

I mentioned before that I have an Article Directory on my work-at-home mom (wahm) website and I just love to read all the articles that get submitted. This particular article jumped out at me because it sounds like so much fun! I hope some of you will enjoy it too. :)

5 Tips to Make Your Life More Fun by Christine Louise Hohlbaum

Are you working too hard? Not spending enough time with friends or family? You probably could use more fun in your life! Here are five fun games to invite more laughter into your day:

1.) The Hat Game

What you need: hat, three or more players

Age group: 2 and above

How you play: Each person takes turns wearing the hat. Whoever wears the hat has to sing a line of his favorite song. See how fast you can play the game!

2.) The Chocolate Game

What you need: timer, goggles or glasses, hat, 2 oven mitts, winter scarf, bar of chocolate, knife, fork, plate, four or more players

Age group: 6 and above

How you play: Each player takes a turn putting all the items on (including the oven mitts!), then trying to cut the bar of chocolate with the knife and fork. Allot about 30 seconds for this on the timer. When the timer rings, it is time to take everything off and hand it to the next person to try.

3.) The Dictionary Game

What you need: dictionary, pens, paper, four or more players

Age group: 6 and above

How you play: Each player takes a turn choosing one word that no one knows. All the other players write down what they think the meaning is or a funny alternative and use it in a sentence. The dictionary master reads everyone’s definitions, and then it comes to a vote. Whoever gets the most votes wins.

4.) Hide the Bunny

What you need: stuffed animal (we use a pink bunny), three or more players

Age group: 18 months and above

How you play: One player hides the bunny somewhere in the room while everyone else closes their eyes. The other players have to search for it. Whoever finds the bunny first gets to hide it next!

5.) Sardines

What you need: at least five players

Age group: 6 and above

How you play: This game is a hide-n-seek spin-off, but everyone wins. Darken the room. One person hides and the others seek. As each person finds the hidden person, he or she stays with the hidden person until the last person finds the entire group. The object is to stay as quiet as possible until the last person joins everyone else.

Laughter truly is the best medicine!

Christine Louise Hohlbaum, author of DIARY OF A MOTHER and SAHM I Am: TALES OF A STAY-AT-HOME MOM IN EUROPE, is a parenting humorist, motivational speaker and overall curious person who can’t stop asking questions of other people and the Universe. Subscribe to her newsletter at

Article Source: The WAHM Shack Article Directory

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