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Saturday, June 23, 2007


Well, we had so much fun this afternoon! Out in our backyard, we have a small pond...not a pretty landscaped pond, but a very, very natural pond that is not pretty. Well, the baby and I went outside to swing on the swing and then met up with my husband and 2nd youngest son (they were already out in the back). We took a short walk around the pond when all of a sudden my husband showed my son a tiny little frog hidden in some mowed, long grass. Well there it was...a frog here, a frog there, MANY frogs EVERYWHERE!

Well I handed the baby to my husband and my son & I started jumping after the frogs trying to catch them, and I'll tell you, they are FAST!!! When we finally caught one, we'd catch another and attempt to add it to the other hand with the other frog in it and so on. We ended up with 5 or 6 frogs in one hand and it tickled! They jump in your closed fist and when you have several in there, it feels funny LOL.

My son got a plastic bucket for us to put them all in, but without a lid, it was useless as they can climb the sides of the bucket and jump out! Well, my 3rd son also came out to catch some and below you can see all the pictures we have to show you. You'll be surprised to know that all together, we caught 29 of these frogs. After I was done taking pictures of them, we released them back outside where we found them. :)

We researched and researched on the internet and FINALLY discovered what type of treefrogs these are. It was so hard to tell because they closely resemble the Spring Peeper frog, but they do not have the "X" on their backs that is exclusive to the Spring Peeper. They are the Boreal Chorus Frogs. If you want to hear what they sound like, click the below link. I hope you will enjoy our pictures! :) (the last 2 images show all 29 frogs together!!!)



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