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Saturday, April 28, 2007

What a week!

I'm sorry for my absence--things have been so crazy around here lately!

Between school, chores, cleaning, organizing, and life in general, where else does the time go? There just never seems to be enough hours in any given day, does there?

My youngest (14 months old) has begun to only take ONE nap a day...poor me LOL. If I'm "lucky", he will take between 1-1 1/2 hour nap. He has never, ever taken more than 2 or 3 naps a day since he was maybe 2 months old or so. He was born with a congenital thyroid disorder (lingual thyroid), so he has needed to take Synthroid since he was a week old (praise the Lord that they found it so early!!!). Anyway, since taking Synthroid, his naps have only been between 15 minutes to maybe 1 hour long...EVER! I really miss the 2-3 hour naps my other kids used to take LOL. So, I try to get as much done as I can during his one and only is not easy either, as I always run out of time. ;)

Our weather was very beautiful early on in the week, so we all got a little "taste" of spring. The frogs (mainly the "peepers") and the toads have all been enjoying the warm weather as they sing their orchestra of music from about 3:00pm in the afternoon long into the night! We always comment on how LOUD they are. By mid-week, however, it turned gloomy/rainy and cold again. I don't mind the cold (I actually LOVE cold weather) but I get really sick and tired of the gloomy, gray sky and all the wetness/muddiness outside. :( I love the sun and the beautiful blue skies but we don't seem to get many days like that.

One of the nice days we had held a little "treat" for my third son who is 11 years old. My other son heard a thump on our front window and he discovered it was a bird that had flown into the glass and fallen down onto the ground. :( I went outside to observe the little bird and determine if he was just stunned or worse. Thankfully, he was just stunned from the impact. My son joined me and gently picked the bird up. It was a male American Goldfinch sporting his new bright yellow summer feathers. The bird sat ever so quietly in his hands as he recovered. :) He then let me hold the little guy for a minute and then I gave him back to my son. Within another moment, the bird flew out of his hands and landed on the ground just a few feet away. My son walked slowly toward the bird and thankfully enough, the bird flew high up into an evergreen tree!

We have had this same situation happen a few times over the years, so we were familiar with the fact that most birds that fly into a window are temporarily stunned and need to be observed/monitored for a few minutes so as not to fall prey to a wondering cat, snake, hawk, etc. As soon as they "come out of it", their fear of humans usually returns and they'll take off into a nearby tree. If they don't, you could always place them onto a tree branch until they are ready to fly on their own.

It is truly so wonderful to see my young man have a genuine "sensitive" side. He has such a compassion for animals of all kinds. This child takes after me and is an animal lover. I've watched him in many situations of nurturing, protecting, caring for animals and it is such a gift to see! I hope he will never, ever lose this special trait!

Well, that is just a little of how our week has been. It isn't terribly exciting by any means, but it is our life LOL. I will try not to miss so many days all in a row again. :)


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