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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thankful Thursday 8/16/07

Today, on this Thankful Thursday, I am thankful for:

My husband and the fact that he gets up and goes to work everyday to provide for his family, even though he doesn't really like his job.

My husband's patience that he has for me.

My children--I love each one so very, very much!

Our health, as we are very, very blessed with good health.

Trials the Lord has allowed us to go through, the ability to forgive, and the Lord's unconditional love!

All American Soldiers/Military and the extreme sacrifices they have made and continue to make each and everyday so that I can live here in a free country with my family.

My younger sister, even though she is so crazy!!!

The internet and the numerous things I can do online--help to supplement my husband's income, buy homeschool items, read/learn, listen to services from my church that I wasn't able to attend, etc.

BLOGS and all the wonderful women who write them and the help, support, and encouragement they provide to myself and others.

That the weather is much cooler this week!

Peacefulness among both of our neighbors and us.

All of my pets and their good health, especially my eldest dog who is 13 1/2 years old--everyday I have with her is a gift!

This "Thankful Thursday" activity and the fact that it forces me to STOP and see the many blessings God gives me.

EDITED TO SAY--I forgot to mention how thankful I am that the Lord spared my family and I from a minor scare. A child from church had head lice and thankfully, my family and I have never had it (we use Tea Tree Oil in our soaps, shampoos, and cleaners--a tip I read about a long time ago and began to implement). So, needless to say, I am EXTREMELY grateful the Lord spared us from this!!!

If you'd like to participate in "Thankful Thursday" or just read other lists, visit Sting My Heart.


ZAM said...

I love your list...good to hear about good health of everyone you thankful too that I've found good people in the Net who inspires me..Happy TT

maiylah's snippets said...

I am thankful that I am able to help supplement the family income through the internet (blogging), too! :)
wonderful list!

Blessings ...

MJS4Him said...

Loved your list. I think it is great that we can sit down and do this.

Happy TT!

Shelby said...

happy Thursday :)

ellen b said...

Amen to your list even the crazy sister one :) Blessings...

Mary said...

You stirred my heart with your thankfulness. Crazy sisters are good! :) Thanks for sharing. Blessings.

Angie said...

Wonderful thanful post! By the way about sending this Angie some of that cooler weather you spoke of! It is hot hot humid and hot yet again here!!!
Be blessed! : )

Melanie said...

A great list! My hubby doesn't really like his job either, but he gets up everyday to go to work to provide for us too.

btw- I was reading your "About Me" and you must be one busy lady!

Kim said...

Great list!! I always enjoy reading what fellow bloggers are Thanksful for.

Thanks for visiting my blog!!

casual friday everyday said...

Ahhh, yes. My hubby's patience is something I'm thankful for, too! lol

Great list!


eph2810 said...

Although my husband really likes what he does (IT), but gets discouraged with who he works for. But he still gets up every day and goes to work :)

The internet has become an amazing place with all the Christian resources :)

Glad that you and your family was spared from the lice.

Thank you so much for sharing your grateful heart with us this week.

Be blessed today and always...

Laurel Wreath said...

Enjoyed reading your list, glad you were spared also that would have been a major pain. Blessings.

Stacy said...

Enjoyed your list. So much to be thankful for. I too am thankful for a husband that works so hard to provide for his family:) Thanks for sharing. Be Blessed.

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