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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Duggar's Welcome Baby #17!!!

Yes it is true--the Duggar family just welcomed baby #17 into their family. Isn't that wonderful? You can read more about it here.

I'm from a large family (9 children) and I've always wanted a large family (I have 6 so far), but I don't know that I could imagine having 17 children. I wonder if Michelle Duggar ever gets tired? I mean really, really tired. She must, don't ya think? How could she not?

It is amazing to think that she and I are the same age, but I only have 6 children. She must be the closest thing to a "supermom" that I can imagine. Oh, all of their children's names begin with a "J"...isn't that neat?

I also think it is so wonderful that they live debt-free. THAT is truly amazing, especially in today's day and age. That would be an AWESOME blessing to be able to live debt-free!


Dawn Marie said...

If you would like to hear an audio interview of Mama Duggar, check out this link:

The radio hosts seem a little rude and Michelle is just as sweet as can be.

God Bless You!

casual friday everyday said...

I do think it's awesome, too. I come from a tiny family & the lonliness I feel is overwhelming sometimes.

I don't want that for my boys so I'd really like to have at least 4...maybe 6. I doubt my husband would be game for anymore than that...but you never know.


The Small Scribbler said...

I am the oldest of 9 and I have 5. I always think 5 is such a small number compared to the family I grew up in.


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