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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Homeschooling Family Needs Help–Homeschool Ministry Opportunity

As a homeschooling mom, I was touched by an email I read that told of a fellow homeschooling family who is in need and I wanted to post this information here for other people to read and possibly see this as an opportunity to help them. I do not know this family at all, but my heart immediately began to ache for them.

The Estes family, owner of Hands and Hearts, have seven children. Their youngest, Noah, who is almost a year old, has some major health issues. He is on a feeding tube right now, and their insurance does not cover the cost of his formula, which is about $25 a day. Also, as I read their blog, there is an entry saying as of 7/6, this poor little babe is back in the hospital undergoing a long list of tests as they attempt to diagnose the problems he is experiencing.

MANY other Homeschool publishers have gotten together to offer some beautiful FREE products to everyone who makes a donation of $27 to the Estes Family. The family gets 100% of the money and you get a huge list of great products! It is only offered until the 13th of July.

There are a number of free gifts for you if you choose to make a donation. The link is If you are unable to make a monetary donation (or in addition to making one), PLEASE uplift this little one and family in prayer. Also, feel free to post this on YOUR blog for added exposure for the Estes family.


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