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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Works For Me Wednesday: DIY Bird Bath Dripper

This is my first time participating in Works For Me Wednesday. I also hope I’m doing this right!

My only hobby is feeding the outdoor birds and I learned that birds are attracted to the sound of running or dripping water, so I wanted some sort of a dripper for my bird bath in hopes of attracting more birds to my yard. Well, I was surprised at the cost of the drippers (kind of expensive for us) so I had to find an alternative. I had read about this idea in a few different bird magazines and books. It is has worked pretty well for long as I do not tighten the cap too tight.

It is a quart-size plastic jug/bottle that I have hanging over my bird bath dish. (Actually, you know those little hooks that you can buy to hang a hanging plant or feeder from a wooden deck rail? That is the hook I'm using since we don't have a deck...I just planted it into the ground next to the bird bath so the jug hangs OVER the bird bath.) I just used a thumbtack and poked a hole into a bottom corner of the jug, fill it with water and voila! Instant dripper. The flow of the water will depend on how snug you tighten the cap.

I forgot to add if you use a dripper or something to make the water in your bird bath move instead of remaining still and stagnant, mosquitoes won't lay their larva in it...they prefer still, stagnant, non-moving water on which to lay their eggs on.


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